Come on in and click around our kitchen. We've got some things cooking for you.


Mmm. Some tasty rice-based desserts chillin' in here.


Add a smidge of water when reheating your cooked Comet Rice.


Somehow you've always known Comet Rice is good for you.

And yes, you really can put numbers on the things that make the food you eat healthy and wholesome, and at Comet Rice, our numbers look pretty tasty.

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How to make a perfect pot of rice, all the time, every time:

  • You'll want to measure the amounts of rice and liquid - don't guess.
  • Set your timer from the moment the rice and liquid come up to a boil.
  • Keep the lid on tightly during cooking to prevent steam from escaping - yes, the rice is still in there.
  • You may find that your rice is not quite tender or all of the liquid hasn't absorbed. If so, cook 2 to 4 minutes longer.
  • If your cooked rice still seems crunchy, add some additional liquid, cover tightly and cook until the rice is tender.
  • If you'd like rice grains that are more separate, sauté rice in a small amount of butter before cooking, then add liquid and cook as usual.

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Is that Chicken and Rice a l'Orange I smell? Oh yes...


The Comet Rice family of products.

Ah, the bright yellow box. When our rice first appeared in consumer-sized packages, it was considered revolutionary. You see, in 1902, such a thing simply hadn't been done yet. Now that same Comet Rice box is a comforting beacon of quality and wholesome deliciousness.

Our long grain white, parboiled and brown rices are available in 14, 28 and 42 ounce cartons and 1 to 20 pound bags.

Many things have changed in the hundred years since that first consumer-sized package of Comet Rice rolled out into the world on a horse-drawn buggy, but our wholesome quality has always stayed the same.


Rice. The world's most fascinating grain.

All kinds of juicy tidbits about rice and Comet Rice can be found here! Did you know that rice is a main source of nourishment for more than half of the world's population?! At Comet Rice, we're doing our part.

Rice is so important to many Asian cultures, that in many of their languages the word for 'rice' is the same as the word for food itself. We couldn't agree more that Comet Rice is good wholesome food.

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Locations. Locations. Locations.

People are always wanting to know where they can get their hands on our rice. Comet Rice can be found in stores in Texas and the Carolinas:

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Check back for more locations, we're adding dealers every day!


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